Halloween: Pumpkin Butt!


Photo Source: The Honest Co.

So, if you have been following my blog.. you already know how MUCH I love the month of October and the fact that Halloween is near! And.. just like any other Mom, I love to dress my little pumpkin up! So, there is no doubt that my little dude doesn’t already have an outfit agenda for the next coming months that consist of holiday after holiday. But, what type of Mom would I be if he did not have the festive “undies” to match his Mom’s madness for the upcoming holiday?! lol. Sorry, but questionable. Just Kidding! 😉 No, but really! Hehe.

Anyways, most of you pretty awesome Moms, like myself, are probably well aware of the diaper line known as The Honest Co.! Like, seriously.. the coolest diapers – EVER. Right? I wish there were diapers this cool when I was hitting the streets with my sippy cup in hand! lol. However, I mainly made this post for new Moms or that fun, festive Mom who may just not know. Basically, you can have safe and stylish diapers delivered right to your front door and in any cool pattern of your choice! And lets face it, being a Mom can be tough and challenging at times. So, who does not like the convenience of diapers and wipes being shipped to your home? I surely do!

And with Halloween right around the corner, The Honest Co. has recently released a limited edition print to give your little one’s bum that festive feel. Basically, your little pumpkin’s bum will be the cutest in the patch!


Photo Source: The Honest Co.

I absolutely love these diapers because not only are they offered in playful prints, but they are also super absorbent with naturally-derived citrus and chlorophyll odor blockers and no chlorine processing. Needless to say, I have already placed my order and cannot wait to receive these little cuties. But, if you haven’t.. then be sure to sign-up and receive $20.00 off of your first order. Happy shopping my little pumpkins!

XOXO, Britt

Click Me and Shop The Honest Co.!

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