Mardi Gras: A Royal Carnival Dinner

Hello Carnival Krewe! “You are cordially invited to an evening flushed with royalty honoring A Jewel of Cleopatra’s Nile.” 💛💜💚 Yep, that is right! Mardi Gras is right around the corner. So, if you did not know. Well, now ya’ do!

With that being said, there is only three short days left before the Krewe of Cleopatra rolls on down the avenue. With Cleo’s lovely krewe gearing up for Friday night, I thought it would the perfect time to share with you all a dinner I planned when I had the honor of representing the Krewe of Cleopatra as a Jewel of the Nile during Mardi Gras 2017 – “Cleo, Las Vegas”!

Pictured Above from Left to Right: Jewel of the Nile | Stacy Guidry, Jewel of the Nile | Brittanie Breaux, Las Vegas Show Girl | Paper Doll Promotions, Queen Cleopatra XLIV | Abigail Breland, and Jewel of the Nile | Brittnie Hamel

Once finalizing the venue, I started on designing the invitation suites, menu cards, and favor tags. I wanted to capture the parade’s theme, but in true Mardi Gras spirit. So, I decided to design the invitation to appear as an actual playing card. The playing card would capture the Las Vegas theme. Once doing so, I chose those three famous carnival colors – purple, green, and gold. Nonetheless, it had to look regal! The back of the invitation was finished off elaborately like most playing cards and included my initials. I think Deb with Cloud 9 Factory on Etsy and I captured the essence of it all so perfectly! What do you think?

Once the design of the invitation had been finalized, I took the time to sit down with the venue regarding the most important detail – the menu. I wanted to pay attention to every detail about this event. So, it was very important that each food item had its own name that coordinated with the theme. I was so pleased with the thought and creativity behind each dish!


But, lets talk about the cake honey! Oh, the sweetest part of every event. Melissa, with Melissa’s Fine Pastries, did an excellent job of executing this cake! It is festive, yet regally elegant all at the same time. I will just go ahead and let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Like Marie-Antoinette once said, “Let them eat cake!”

I absolutely love having florals at every event! I think they add the perfect touch and finish off the overall design. When I am designing and planning an event, I begin with an imaginary photo that I have envisioned in my head. The first thought that came to mind.. was lavish! The table has to not only be elegant and royal, but lavish and full! I could not picture my guests dining any other way. I envisioned various carnival colors throughout, dramatic draping florals, and arrangements dripping in crystals!!! I ended up finding the floral pedestals on Pier1’s website. As a matter of fact, the floral bases are actually candle pillars. I know, creative.. huh’? My cousin, Christina, did just FABULOUS.. as she always does. Honestly, they turned out even more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed of!


Below, are the plate settings and mini king cake hand soap favors. I thought this little touch was not only cute, yet necessary as a way of thanking my guests for joining me on this celebratory evening! I styled and personally hand wrapped each of these little cuties to coordinate with the party’s overall decor. Needless to say, everything was drenched in glitter and romantically surrounded by the subtle flickers of candles. Swoon worthy!

The evening was nothing short of AMAZING, filled with revelry, and fit for a Queen and her Royal Court of course! I hope you enjoy these carnival inspired details just as MUCH as I enjoyed styling it all! If you happen to be in New Orleans on Friday, February 22, 2019, join in on celebrating Mardi Gras as the Krewe of Cleopatra “animates” the cities streets throughout the Big Easy. All Hail Cleo! Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

Royally Yours, Britt


Invitations, Menu Cards, and Favor Tags | Cloud 9 Factory on Etsy

Mini King Cake Soap Favors | Cindy’s Bath Creations on Etsy

Venue | The Saint Hotel

Cake | Melissa’s Fine Pastries

Florals | Christina Williams McGrath at Plantation Decor Inc.

Event Dinnerware & Seating | ELEMENT

Las Vegas Show Girl | Paper Doll Promotions

Dress | Mac Duggal at The Red Carpet

Hair | Lacie at So Lacie Salon

MUA | Jacky Martinez

Party Planner & Design | Yours Truly!

Photography | Theresa Elizabeth Photography

A Candyland Christmas: My Sweet 28th Brunch

“Life is short! So, make it SWEET!”

Hey Dolls! Yes, it has been quite some time. But, this little thing called “life” has been happening and I have been SUPER busy – in a good way! So, just like that little saying up there.. I am going to keep this blog post just that – short and sweet!

Brittanie 28 Birthday Brunch 68.jpg

While watching the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this past December, a group of me and my best girlfriends thought it would be a lot of fun to celebrate my 28th birthday this year with a themed brunch. So, we did.. Candyland Christmas style at Salon Restaurant  by Sucre! It was so MUCH fun to say the least. In that case, I will let the photos do most of the talking.

I told all of my girls to dress in sparkles with their choice of a wig, fascinator, or both! After all, who does not love to sparkle?! Right?!

I hope you all enjoyed this little slice of sweetness!

Brittanie 28 Birthday Brunch 59

Cheers!!! XOXO, Britt

Venue | Salon Restaurant  by Sucre

Cake | Sucré

Photographer | Theresa Elizabeth Photography

Rainbow Sparkle Wine | One Hope

MUA | Melissa Vaccaro

Florals | Christina Williams McGrath with Plantation Decor Inc.

Define Being A “Mom”: Empowering & Sexy


Good Afternoon Dolls! So, I have been contemplating whether or not I wanted to share these fun, insanely edgy, and sexy photos with you all! After all, I am mom. I was unsure if it would be appropriate or not? But, I started to think.. is that really the reason why I am avoiding sharing this shoot with you all?! No, its not. Honestly, I think to some degree.. I lacked the self confidence. Why? Well, becoming a mom is tough! It is not only challenging, but things change. I mean, lets face it.. you just grew a baby for nine months. Naturally, birthing your little one is one of the most beautiful and rewarding things. But, soon after you bring your little one home.. you cannot help but to be drawn to the mirror. You start to just stare, critique, over analyze, poke, and pull at the things that never once existed! You begin to reminisce about the girl you once were. Trust me, we all feel this way afterwards. It is normal. Now, I know everyone does not struggle with body image. But, more thank likely.. you are just a flat out liar. In most cases, all women are guilty of body shaming themselves.

Now before I move on, do not get me wrong! I felt absolutely AMAZING while pregnant. Honestly, I was so lucky and had such an easy pregnancy.. that I would have been perfectly fine with staying pregnant longer. I know everyone’s pregnancy experience is different. I also know there may be some women who will not be able to relate to this blog post. But, at the same time.. I hope this post ends up inspiring or reaching out to you all in some sort of way or fashion. So here it goes, the two words we all often use – “Mom Bod”. Oh, and the absolute worse – “stretch marks”! Seriously, I looked up every cream, oil, and remedy to avoid those little dreaded life changers. Oh, did I mention that there are many changes that come with becoming a Mom?! Haha. But, lets face it. It is the inevitable. It does not matter how many remedies you try or how much you lather yourself with over priced belly oils and lotion – you will probably still end up with them. Fortunately, they fade over time and you eventually learn to embrace them. After all, they are beautiful.. right?! You worked hard and you earned them. Not to mention, they become so worth it once you see the smile on your little one’s face. You cannot let them define you, but accept that they are just a small part in what you have accomplished. Now, that’s sexy!


It is hard to explain, but there is something so sexy and empowering about becoming a first time mom. Like, at times I just think to myself.. “I’m a bad a** b*tch!” lol. It is so strange. You soon realize that all the initial insecurities you once had are irrelevant. I absolutely love being a Mom and my “Mom Bod”. Naturally, you will assume that your wardrobe will have to change. But, it does not have to! I have learned to embrace every single imperfection and curve! You soon realize that being a Mom is something to be honored and proud of! So, cheers to you. Now, go ahead.. be daring and celebrate your “Mom Bod” by wearing that sexy dress on date night or styling a fun photoshoot just because. After all, you are one bad a** b*tch! So, own it Mamma’!

P.S. – I must admit, I was a little nervous when asked to participate in this photoshoot. It was the first time being in front of the camera again. Not to mention, it was the first time shooting something like this since giving birth to my little boy. But, if you have the opportunity to do something like this – GO. FOR. IT! I had an absolute blast “bringing my sexy back”. Oh, and Brandi and Tregg sure know how to make a gal feel good about herself. I love you guys!



XOXO, Britt

MUA & Stylist | Brand Zito

Photographer | 63Films

Venue | The Drifter Hotel

Baptism Celebration: May God Bless Avery James!

“For this child I have prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart.” 1 Samuel 1:27

Avery’s baptism was one beautiful day in which Gerard and I were surrounded by our dear family and friends! It was not only a special day for our little boy and the beginning of his relationship with God and the Catholic Church. But, it was also special because we would all be together at the very location where it all started. The moment where Gerard and I said, “I do”!

Baptism Venue | Holy Name of Jesus Church

Needles to say, I have been anxiously awaiting to share this beautiful celebration and all of the details with you. So, just scroll on down and take in all of this heavenly sweetness!

I wanted the decor to be simple and elegant with a soft color palette consisting of white, ivory, pale blue, and some greenery. Not to mention, I planned this celebration at my house in less than a week considering my original plan did not work out as planned. However, I am completely in love with how it all turned out. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason!

Now of course, it would not be a true Southern baptism without a seafood boil!

My sweet boy had one lovely celebration! XOXO, Britt

Balloons | Bayou Balloons

Baptism Invitations | Lemon Grace on Etsy

Cake & Dessert Table | Chasing Wang

Florals | Christina O’Malley

Lollipops | Lolli Lollies on Etsy

Party Planner & Design | Yours Truly! 🙂

Photography | Theresa Elizabeth Photography

Mardi Gras: “Bites & Bubbly” Cocktail Party!

Hello Carnival People! I am “wildly” excited to share all of the special details about the bubbly popping cocktail party I just hosted celebrating my reign as Queen Morpheus XVI! I wanted to incorporate the Krewe of Morpheus’ parade theme, “Morpheus Goes Wild”, into all of the details of my party. At first, I found this theme to be a little bit challenging as I wanted to make sure I captured it perfectly and as elegant as possible. So, I had to really put some thought into every single detail. If you ask me, I totally succeeded! Hehe. What do you think?

So, it all started with designing the invitation. For some reason, this process always gets my mind going. I just loved the way they turned out! I thought they were regal, yet fun at the same time.

Queen Morpheus Party 271.jpg

Invitations | Cloud 9 Factory

I chose to host my party at Effervescence, which is an elegant champagne bar located on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. Can you say FABULOUS?! Seriously, this beyond gorgeous space made planning my party even easier.

The venue was not only stunning, but the atmosphere and food was amazing as well. I was completely blown away! I had a variety of food selections which included Pommes Frites with Vandouvan Aioli, Cucumber Crudites, a Cajun Caviar display, a Briallat-Savarin Cheese Wheel, Royal Red Shrimp with Kaffir Aioli, Dry-Aged Prim Beef and Panisse Bites, Lobster and Avocado Lettuce Cups, and Wild Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent. Absolutely delicious! Not to mention, all of the food selections paired really well with a glass of bubbly.

Royal Red Shrimp w/ Kaffir Aioli | Lobster & Avocado Lettuce Cups

Oh, and speaking of bubbly! How fabulous are these gold, wild animal drink stirrers from Gnome Sweet Gnome on Etsy?! I loved how I was able to add this little wild detail to my party. Perfection.

Now, lets talk cake! How incredibly FABULOUS is this cake made by Nikki’s Frosted Fantasies? I had just the design in mind. And.. Nikki surely did not disappoint! I was looking for something simple, yet chic with a “wild” twist. She captured my vision just PER-fect-ly! I love every single detail. Like, who would have ever thought that the color black would be so “pretty”?! And.. just take a look at the marble detail on the middle tier along with the gold flaking throughout. I thought it all paired so well and complimented the selection of greenery and anemone florals. Not to mention, it tasted delicious. Seriously, this one takes the cake!

I also wanted to gift my guest with a little something to say, “Thank You”! So, for my party favors I chose Baby Champagne Bears from Sugarfina. I thought it to be only fitting! I finished this little gift off by styling them to coordinate with the party’s theme and decor.

I hope you love the party’s details as MUCH as I do! I had a blast celebrating my reign with all of my dear family, friends, and krewe members. If you happen to be in New Orleans on Friday, February 9, 2018, join in on celebrating Mardi Gras as the Krewe of Morpheus “goes wild” through the Big Easy. All Hail Morpheus! Cheers!!!

XOXO, Britt

Venue | Effervescence

Cake | Nikki’s Frosted Fantasies

Photography | Theresa Elizabeth Photography

Dress | Jovani 

Hair | Erin Richard

MUA | Jacky Martinez

Mardi Gras: Carnival Brownies!!!


Hello Sweetness! As many of you know, it is “Carnival Time” down here in New Orleans! Not to mention,  Super Bowl LII is being celebrated today as well. Sadly, the good ole’ Saints did not make it this year. But, that does NOT mean there will be no celebration! Here, we celebrate everything. And.. that is why I LOVE the South!


Anyways, I am attending a Super Bowl Sunday party at my friend’s house.. and did not want to show up empty handed. So, I put on my apron and started baking away. Since it is Mardi Gras, I thought it would be perfect to embrace it and throw together all shades of purple, green, and gold! Oh, and lets NOT forget the glitter – edible glitter. Hehe. Happy Mardi Gras! Enjoy.

XOXO, Britt

Mardi Gras Sprinkle | Fancy Sprinkles Shop

Gold Edible Glitter | Bakers Bling Shop

Mardi Gras: Its Carnival Time!

Well, there is certainly MORE than one good thing about being a Southern girl from New Orleans! Where do I even start?! I would be here ALL day naming all of the fabulous things NOLA has to offer. More specifically, the holidays are not over after Christmas. Yep, that is right! “Its Carnival Ti-me!” Sure, go ahead and try to imagine me dancing around and singing – because that is exactly what I am doing right now! Hehe.

Now, trust me.. I go through an intense stage of mourning while taking down the tree and watching my husband remove good ole’ Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman from the front yard. Like, for whatever reason.. I CANNOT let it go! But as soon as I catch a glimpse of some royal purple, green, and gold.. I light up and suddenly have a smile from ear to ear. It NEVER gets old! Oh, and do not even get me started on king cake! GOOD-ness. My mouth is watering just thinking of all of the different varieties of king cake and delicious fillings.

Anyways, I have some BIG news! I am beyond thrilled to have the privilege of riding in a Mardi Gras parade this carnival season as a carnival queen. Yep, you heard right. It is with great pleasure that I formally announce my ascension to the throne as Queen Morpheus XVI. Naturally, a photo session was required. I mean who wouldn’t want to show off all of this bling?! Hehe. I chose my best gal, Theresa with Theresa Elizabeth Photography , to capture this special moment in time.

I am beyond honored and looking forward to this year’s upcoming carnival season. I hope for a safe, yet fun ride for all.. including my King, my court, myself, and all of my fellow riders as we celebrate throughout the city in true, carnival fashion on Friday, February 9, 2018! If you loved what you seen here, be sure to stay tuned as I will be posting about my queen’s party that I will be hosting this upcoming weekend. I cannot wait to share ALL of the details! It will be fit for a queen.. and sure to put you in a “bubbly” type of mood. 

I hope to see you all there as The Krewe of Morpheus “Goes Wild” and parades the streets of NOLA! Click here for the 2018 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule! #LaissezLesBonsTempsRouler

Xo, Britt

Make-Up Artist | Jacky Martinez

Hair | Chelsey Rae

Photographer | Theresa Elizabeth Photography

Dress | Jovani Fashions from The Red Carpet

King Cake | Hi Do Bakery

Venue | Il Mercato