Define Being A “Mom”: Empowering & Sexy


Good Afternoon Dolls! So, I have been contemplating whether or not I wanted to share these fun, insanely edgy, and sexy photos with you all! After all, I am mom. I was unsure if it would be appropriate or not? But, I started to think.. is that really the reason why I am avoiding sharing this shoot with you all?! No, its not. Honestly, I think to some degree.. I lacked the self confidence. Why? Well, becoming a mom is tough! It is not only challenging, but things change. I mean, lets face it.. you just grew a baby for nine months. Naturally, birthing your little one is one of the most beautiful and rewarding things. But, soon after you bring your little one home.. you cannot help but to be drawn to the mirror. You start to just stare, critique, over analyze, poke, and pull at the things that never once existed! You begin to reminisce about the girl you once were. Trust me, we all feel this way afterwards. It is normal. Now, I know everyone does not struggle with body image. But, more thank likely.. you are just a flat out liar. In most cases, all women are guilty of body shaming themselves.

Now before I move on, do not get me wrong! I felt absolutely AMAZING while pregnant. Honestly, I was so lucky and had such an easy pregnancy.. that I would have been perfectly fine with staying pregnant longer. I know everyone’s pregnancy experience is different. I also know there may be some women who will not be able to relate to this blog post. But, at the same time.. I hope this post ends up inspiring or reaching out to you all in some sort of way or fashion. So here it goes, the two words we all often use – “Mom Bod”. Oh, and the absolute worse – “stretch marks”! Seriously, I looked up every cream, oil, and remedy to avoid those little dreaded life changers. Oh, did I mention that there are many changes that come with becoming a Mom?! Haha. But, lets face it. It is the inevitable. It does not matter how many remedies you try or how much you lather yourself with over priced belly oils and lotion – you will probably still end up with them. Fortunately, they fade over time and you eventually learn to embrace them. After all, they are beautiful.. right?! You worked hard and you earned them. Not to mention, they become so worth it once you see the smile on your little one’s face. You cannot let them define you, but accept that they are just a small part in what you have accomplished. Now, that’s sexy!


It is hard to explain, but there is something so sexy and empowering about becoming a first time mom. Like, at times I just think to myself.. “I’m a bad a** b*tch!” lol. It is so strange. You soon realize that all the initial insecurities you once had are irrelevant. I absolutely love being a Mom and my “Mom Bod”. Naturally, you will assume that your wardrobe will have to change. But, it does not have to! I have learned to embrace every single imperfection and curve! You soon realize that being a Mom is something to be honored and proud of! So, cheers to you. Now, go ahead.. be daring and celebrate your “Mom Bod” by wearing that sexy dress on date night or styling a fun photoshoot just because. After all, you are one bad a** b*tch! So, own it Mamma’!

P.S. – I must admit, I was a little nervous when asked to participate in this photoshoot. It was the first time being in front of the camera again. Not to mention, it was the first time shooting something like this since giving birth to my little boy. But, if you have the opportunity to do something like this – GO. FOR. IT! I had an absolute blast “bringing my sexy back”. Oh, and Brandi and Tregg sure know how to make a gal feel good about herself. I love you guys!



XOXO, Britt

MUA & Stylist | Brand Zito

Photographer | 63Films

Venue | The Drifter Hotel