Halloween: BOO-tiful Home Decor!


Well, hello my pretties! I have not made a blog post in quite some time. But, that is because I have been working hard on finishing up the final, yet “spooktacular” touches on my home’s Halloween decor. If you cannot tell, I absolutely love Halloween.. and I absolutely LOVE to decorate! My family and I recently moved into our home. So, I had to start from scratch!!! But, I love a challenge that requires me to put on my creative thinking cap.


I knew I wanted decor that was spooky, but fabulous and full of glamour all at the same time. So, I started brainstorming on ways to complete the look I had envisioned in my head. I wanted it to feel spooky, yet elegant. So, I started off with a simple color palette which included orange, black, white, and gold. I felt that the color gold would really help with capturing the glamour effect I was in search of creating. If you ask me, I did just that! I had so much fun with this decor and creating this look. I am really looking forward to adding on to it each year! So, I hope you enjoy these photos just as much as I enjoy sharing them with you all.


For my side entrance, I created a Fall inspired look that would work well for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I incorporated mums of all sizes and colors. I tiered them up and down the stairs to my side door entrance to give it a really full and lush look. I used a bail of hay for each side to add some texture with another pop of color. While shopping in At Home, I stumbled across the trees. Obviously, I just had to have them. I especially love them at night when I am able turn them on as they glow orange on the tips of each branch. So spooky, ya’ll! Hehe. I cannot wait to add the fog machines on Halloween night.

Lastly, I topped this look off with an assortment of those absolutely doll pumpkins and squash that come in a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes during this time of year. Seriously, ya’ll.. I want to buy a few at each store I go to! I just think they are too precious. Uhh. obsessed! lol.

For our kitchen’s breakfast table, I found these little cuties at Home Goods. I could not pass them up! I felt like their little smiles were contagious.. and who does not love a smiling pumpkin head FULL of sweets and delicious treats?!


I wanted the table to have a really festive, layered look. So, I paired my cute little pumpkin friends with a festive table runner and draped a spider web right over it for some added color and dimension. Last, but certainly not least.. I added these Halloween plates to top off the look. In the future, or maybe in the next couple of days, I plan to add some spooky napkins with some bling spiders as napkin ring decor. I have a feeling that I will most likely make my own. So, you may or may not see a DIY blog post soon. I can already feel my creativity getting out of control as I sit here and type. Haha!


While browsing in Pier 1, which I absolutely had no business being at during that particular time, I found this little guy! I have no idea if his job is to hold my wine or not, but hold my wine is what he shall do! I just could not picture him doing anything else. Not to mention, it was probably the only decor item my husband seemed to appreciate! So, this was definitely a purchase for the win.


What would a fireplace be without any festive decor?! After all, it happens to be the focal point of most homes. Well, at least it is for mine. I have to be honest, I had no clue what I wanted for this particular space at first! But, over time.. I just started accumulating some cute Halloween decor and decided to throw it all together. In order to make this look even more fabulous, I incorporated candles of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I even pulled out a pair of crystal candle sticks that Gerard and I were gifted as a wedding gift which added an elegant, glam look. I draped fake spider webbing around the chimney of the fireplace and sprinkled some jeweled spiders throughout. I have to admit, I even blew myself away on this one. I think this is by far my favorite part of all of my Halloween home decor. The best part is lighting all of the candles and dimming the lights to give your home a real spooky ambiance.



If you are interested in shopping some of these looks, please follow the links below. If there is something pictured and there is no link provided, just ask! ūüôā But, more than likely.. it was probably a fabulous find from Home Goods, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx.

Happy Halloween!!! XOXO, Britt

Door Garland and Decor: Wreaths and Decor by Helen Matherne

Fireplace Mantle and Table Runner: Grandin Road: Home Décor

Witchy Word & Midnight Dinner Plates: Grandin Road: Home Décor

Door Garland and Decor:¬†Gordon’s of Metairie

Black Tree with Orange LED Lights: At Home | The Home Decor Superstore

Skeleton Wine Holder: Pier 1 Imports

I Am Mad About Candles, Darling!


What is a home without a GREAT smelling candle?! Personally, I love a candle burning right next to my bubble bath while I have my nose stuck in whatever book I am reading at that particular time. I guess something about it is just relaxing. In my home, I probably have at least two to three candles burning at some point throughout the day! Needless to say, this gal loves a good smelling candle and in a wide variety of fragrances. So, if you did not know. Well, now you know! Haha.

However, this one particular fragrance, Eau de Laveau Roses and Clove, has to be one of my top favorites at the moment!!! Not only is it delightful to smell throughout your home, but it is a soy candle that was hand poured and made right here in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana by Jessica Broussard. She owns a candle line known as Mad Darling. Not only are her candles amazing, but so is she! I not only love the fact that her candles are eco-friendly, but I also love that all of her candles’ names are New Orleans inspired!

So, you might ask. Why buy soy candles? Well, soy is longer-lasting and cleaner-burning than paraffin. I am really particular about the types of candles I burn in my family’s home. So, burning a soy candle means having a longer burning candle with no carbon soot on your walls, ceilings, and no toxins being thrown into the air that you and your family breathe. The soy is renewable and most importantly, biodegradable¬†unlike petroleum-based paraffin. Oh, and it is also¬†eco-friendly.. because she not only uses 100% ¬†soy wax, but she also uses¬†wicks that are 100% cotton!

If you have never heard of her candles, then be sure to follow the link below. And if you are not a huge fan of roses, I also recommend trying out another one of her fabulous scents like Lakeview Lover, Uptown Heiress, or Marigny Mistress. Enjoy!

Shop Mad Darling Candles Here!

XOXO, Britt