Fab Fit Fun Box: Fall 2017


It has arrived dolls! So, basically it feels like “Christmas in October”! I absolutely love coming home to this box full of goodies sitting on my doorstep. Besides, there is nothing like celebrating the beginning of Fall with some much needed beauty products . And.. it ONLY happens four times a year. It is the BEST surprise any girl could ask for! And.. guess what? It is so affordable. I absolutely LOVE this subscription box! The Fall box I received contains the equivalent value of $385 worth of this season’s hottest items for ONLY $49!

So, I started.. going through my box and I received the following items:

  1. Mer-Sea & Co.: Scarf in Teal Ombre
  2. Private Party: Gym Bag
  3. Imm Living: Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder
  4. Deco Miami: Lavender Cuticle Oil
  5. Whish: Beauty Renewing Mud Mask
  6. Mytagalongs; Hot & Cold Gel Pack
  7. Trètique: Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in Tuscan Wine
  8. Cottonelle: FreshCare Flushable Cleansing Cloths
  9. dpHUE; Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse
  10. B-Low The Belt: Mia Belt in Tan with Gold Buckle

I have to admit that my favorites items are probably Whish’s “Beauty Renewing Mud Mask”, Trètique’s “Matte Color and Shiny Balm Lip Crayon”, and dpHUE’s “Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse”. I tried each of these beauty items yesterday.

But, honestly.. I absolutely LOVED Whish’s “Beauty Renewing Mud Mask”! Seriously, y’all. Although I think all of the items are fabulous, I personally adore this mud mask. The mud mask mixes bentonite clay with a blend of mushroom enzymes. Interesting, right? Basically, the two ingredients create a powerful exfoliator ridding the skin from all impurities. Not to mention, I have very sensitive skin. So, I am always very nervous and skeptical about applying just anything to my skin – especially my face. But, this product left my skin feeling so smooth and refreshed. It was also very soothing and helped with calming my skin. I have a very red complexion, which is definitely an insecurity of mine. Once using this mask, I even noticed it helped with reducing redness and inflammation.


And.. right when you think it cannot get any better, it does! Well, it not only felt amazing. But, it smelled so GOOD. Unbelievably good! Like, I did not want to take it off of my face type of good. lol! Last but certainly not least, the other ingredients which consist of pineapple, papaya fruit enzymes, bakuchiol, and rosehip oil helps renew the skin and helps with aging. Now, c’mon.. who does not love slowing down the aging process ladies??? Hello! Me.


Next up! Trèstique’s “Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon” in Tuscan Wine! Okay, so I really found this beauty item to be really cool. I mean, this color is perfect for Fall to begin with. But what makes this product the absolute coolest is the fact that it is a 2-in-1 product that features a creamy, lightweight lip color crayon with a natural matte finish, and a BB balm for some added shine and moisture. And with this crazy weather, my lips definitely need the moisture! I am sure we can all agree.

Lastly, let’s talk about dpHUE’s “Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse”. I will be honest, I was really skeptical about using any product other than some good ole’ fashion shampoo and conditioner for cleansing my scalp and hair. But to my surprise, I must say that I liked this substitute product. I mean, am I the only person who has never heard of something like this? I guess this is another reason why I love receiving the FabFitFun Box! Like, just when I think I have heard of everything.. FabFitFun introduces me to something new.


Anyways, the power of the apple cider vinegar along with other various ingredients help with removing impurities from the hair. And.. I must say, you can smell a pinch of lavender. I love lavender! In addition, this hair rinse was strong enough to leave my scalp and hair feeling clean. But, also gentle enough to cleanse my scalp and hair without stripping my hair of its natural oils. Really cool and refreshing, just like this Fall weather that is approaching us!

So, I hope you find these beauty products just as interesting as me. And.. if you have not yet seen this season’s FabFitFun Box and all of its goodies, just take a quick look below! If you cannot tell, I am already looking forward to seeing what is in store for next season’s box!!! Hehe.


Subscribe to the Fabfitfun box today! Use coupon code “SaveTen” for $10 off your first box! Oh, and if you refer a friend.. you can receive even MORE perks! I did.. and received $15.00 off of my next FabFitFun Box. What are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

XOXO, Britt

Halloween: Trick Or Treat Yo’ Self!!!


Hey Ya’ll! It is officially Fall! So, I am unsure if anyone loves Halloween more than me?! Seriously, I just love this holiday!!! And.. I am not exactly sure why? I guess it sorta’ has something to do with the fact that it is the holiday that kick starts the holiday season, which I highly anticipate ALL year long! Not to mention, I love the feeling I get inside once the Fall time finally arrives. Is it just me? Or is there a different smell in the air?! Or the fact that everything is basically “Pumpkin Spice”! Ugh, I am so basic. I know! lol.

Anyways, I love all of the fun, festive colors and the fact that every store has a section of some Halloween fun and decor. Literally, I can spend hours on just one, single aisle. It is INSANE! Most importantly, having children makes the Halloween season even more FUN! So, I am always thinking of ways to make the month of October fun for them.

Lately, I have not only been brainstorming on what to gift the kid’s classmates for their upcoming Halloween parties at school. But, I have also been thinking about what to gift their teachers? Sure, I could just gift them a Halloween coffee cup. I am sure they have received PLENTY of those over the course of their teaching years! But, then I started to think.. maybe I should gift them something to satisfy their sweet tooth and feed them the sugar rush they need to run after those kiddos. But, it has to be PRETTY and stylish.. of course!


And.. then it finally came to me! Maggie Louise. Have you ever heard of Maggie Louise Confections? Well, if you haven’t.. you will LOVE me for it. I just love these pretty, little sweets. I mean, not only are they delicious but they are so stinking cute! Just take a look. I could not resist.. but to take a bite! Personally, I love the milk chocolate with peanut butter candy. But, there are also four other flavors I am sure you will “fall” in love with.

And.. you can even get 15% off of your order by simply subscribing to their e-mail list! She has so MANY fun chocolates to choose from. You can choose to gift these little goodies or simply order a box for yourself! Because trust me, you deserve to “Trick Or Treat Yo’ Self” this Halloween season. I surely did! And.. I also decided to treat the kid’s teachers as well. If ordering, ask me how to receive $15.00 off of your order. If you loved this fun, festive blog.. be sure to keep an eye out for some more SPOOKY FUN to come! I am ONLY getting started. Oh, and.. I hope you enjoy these chocolates as MUCH as I did! Happy Shopping. XOXO

Website Link: https://www.maggielouiseconfections.com



Honestly, I have no idea where to begin? But, I am just going to give this a shot. So, here I go! I have always been a lover for ALL things fabulous.. and most of the time I find myself being asked, “Where did you get this?” or “Where did you get that?” So, after much thought and a lot of encouragement from a dear friend.. I decided to start my VERY own blog. I know, right? What am I thinking? Now, this is just the beginning and my page is not nearly where I want it to be. But, it is a start! And.. the only way I will get this crazy idea of mine up and going.

I feel as if this blog will give me the opportunity to share and vent all of the insanely, crazy, and creative juices I have flowing through my brain. And.. lets be honest, that is all of the time! In the process, I will be able to share it all with you. Now, I have no idea of what I am doing and this will be just as much of a learning experience for me as it is for you all. Haha! But, just bare with me! Lately, I find myself either decorating our new home, testing out a new tasty recipe, or styling an event. By the way, I love to decorate!!! Like, seriously. I do! So, I thought.. why not share my creativity with everyone else??? And guess what?! The holiday’s are right around the corner. Yay!

The site will also give me opportunity to share all of the other things I love in my life, like.. wife life, my sweet baby boy, being a new Mom, beauty products, or the new pair of kick a** jeans I just bought. Ya’ know the one’s with the holes in them. I feel so cool! lol. Just Kidding. So, this blog will be a little bit about my life, everything I love, and love to do. And.. I cannot wait to share it all with you! If you are interested, please be sure to subscribe. And since Halloween is approaching.. my very first blog post will probably be “SPOOKTACULAR”! Hehe. So, stay tuned. XOXO.