Leading Ladies League Luncheon: Toast to Make A Change

While I have all of this extra time, I have decided to do some reminiscing and blog about a luncheon I hosted along with two other fabulous ladies, Barbara and Peggy, this past September. We hosted the lunch on behalf of a luncheon group we belong to, the Leading Ladies League, located in New Orleans. The day was surely filled with plenty of bubbly and bling! More importantly, it was a lunch celebrated amongst beautiful women, inside and out, empowering other women while giving back at the very same time. What’s there not to love?!

IMG_4105Invitations & Menu Design | Cloud 9 Factory on Etsy • Menu Design and Styling | Yours Truly! 🙂

I kept the decor fairly simple and elegant as the restaurant where the luncheon was hosted was already fabulous and esthetically pleasing! So, the space was super easy to decorate. I encouraged all of the women to dress in their best silver, white, gold, or sparkling attire. So, grab a glass of bubbly and enjoy all of the sparkling details worth toasting to!

If you thought the party decor and details were pretty, just take a look at this stunning group of amazing women!

I am so proud and appreciative to share part in serving others with such a lovely group of inspiring, successful women! I hope this blog post brings you just as much happiness as planning this event did for me. Cheers Dolls!

Leading Ladies Lunch Tableau-62

XOXO, Britt


Florals |Christina Williams McGrath at Plantation Decor Inc.

Hand-Painted Cookies | The Ginger Bites on Instagram

Invitation and Menu Design | Cloud 9 Factory on Etsy

Menu Design and Styling | Styled and Decorated by Yours Truly! 😉

Overall Party Styling & Decor | Styled and Decorated by Yours Truly! 😉

Photographer | Theresa Elizabeth Photography

Venue | Tableau

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