Mardi Gras: Its Carnival Time!

Well, there is certainly MORE than one good thing about being a Southern girl from New Orleans! Where do I even start?! I would be here ALL day naming all of the fabulous things NOLA has to offer. More specifically, the holidays are not over after Christmas. Yep, that is right! “Its Carnival Ti-me!” Sure, go ahead and try to imagine me dancing around and singing – because that is exactly what I am doing right now! Hehe.

Now, trust me.. I go through an intense stage of mourning while taking down the tree and watching my husband remove good ole’ Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman from the front yard. Like, for whatever reason.. I CANNOT let it go! But as soon as I catch a glimpse of some royal purple, green, and gold.. I light up and suddenly have a smile from ear to ear. It NEVER gets old! Oh, and do not even get me started on king cake! GOOD-ness. My mouth is watering just thinking of all of the different varieties of king cake and delicious fillings.

Anyways, I have some BIG news! I am beyond thrilled to have the privilege of riding in a Mardi Gras parade this carnival season as a carnival queen. Yep, you heard right. It is with great pleasure that I formally announce my ascension to the throne as Queen Morpheus XVI. Naturally, a photo session was required. I mean who wouldn’t want to show off all of this bling?! Hehe. I chose my best gal, Theresa with Theresa Elizabeth Photography , to capture this special moment in time.

I am beyond honored and looking forward to this year’s upcoming carnival season. I hope for a safe, yet fun ride for all.. including my King, my court, myself, and all of my fellow riders as we celebrate throughout the city in true, carnival fashion on Friday, February 9, 2018! If you loved what you seen here, be sure to stay tuned as I will be posting about my queen’s party that I will be hosting this upcoming weekend. I cannot wait to share ALL of the details! It will be fit for a queen.. and sure to put you in a “bubbly” type of mood. 

I hope to see you all there as The Krewe of Morpheus “Goes Wild” and parades the streets of NOLA! Click here for the 2018 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule! #LaissezLesBonsTempsRouler

Xo, Britt

Make-Up Artist | Jacky Martinez

Hair | Chelsey Rae

Photographer | Theresa Elizabeth Photography

Dress | Jovani Fashions from The Red Carpet

King Cake | Hi Do Bakery

Venue | Il Mercato

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